Firefly Photography : Do You Dream in Color? A Winter Fairyland

I specialize in maternity, newborn and child portrait photography in both Northern NJ and Southern NH.  I like to do personal creative projects from time to time and they have manifested in my Do You Dream in Color? stylized shoots. Each shoot has a different message, but they are all in my dreamy, whimsical style.

This latest installment was an idea I had to recreate a Winter Fairyland in Keene, NH. I had done the Art Walk in Keene last summer. I was paired with Salon Exodus in town. Over the fall, I approached Deb, the owner of the salon, with my idea for a soft, ethereal winter stylized shoot with a neutral color palette. She was very receptive. I sent her some visual inspiration as to what I had in mind and she was 100% on board. Three of her salon employees were in on the shoot with me and agreed to be models. It was lightly snowing on the day of the shoot and I was wearing warm winter clothing and they were in dresses……they were shivering between frames. But they were open to whatever I had in mind. It was really amazing.

A few technical details for those who are interested: It was a little overcast, so I had a soft, flat light to work with. I shot all the images with the Canon 24-70 2.8 lens on the Mk2 body. I did not use any additional equipment, although the snow on the ground helped create a nice natural fill light at times. My ISO was consistently at 200 (although in retrospect, I think I could have shot at 400). F-stop was 2.8 with a single subject and up to 5.6 with all three. My shutter speed was all over the place, depending on aperture and the direction we were facing.

Initially, I wanted my characters looking for fairies in the woods. My thoughts later evolved to a storyline more universal. Maybe there is a comforting ethereal light around all of us, even in the coldest of days…….

I want to acknowledge Jellyka Nerevan, the  font-maker of  Jellyka Delicious Cake. Also, we utilized Robin Hood Park in Keene, NH. Many thanks also to the styling and expertise of Deb and her team at Salon Exodus.

Firefly Photography is now booking appointments in  Southern NH (Keene and the Monadnock Region) and Brattleboro, VT for dreamy maternity, newborn and child portrait photography. Getting married? Check out my sister business, OneLove Imagery!

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